Wellsamed dental floss Neutral without wax; 50 m

3.06 lv

Dental floss neutral without wax, 50 m., Wellsamed Floss has a fiber structure that allows easy sliding in the interdental space and efficient cleaning. This product easily removes food residues and gives a feeling of freshness, comfort and cleanliness. The floss is soft and elastic, stretches and gets into the tight spaces between the teeth. Thanks to its special structure and flat shape, the thread easily slips into the interdental space and cleans more effectively. With a refreshing mint taste. Wellsamed provides dental care with a variety of products for adults and children. Offers electric and manual toothbrushes, pastes, floss, denture hygiene and more that take care of oral health, cleanliness and comfort. Packaging: 50 m. in a blister.

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