DENTAID mouthwash VITIS Sensitive 500 ml

16.09 lv

ITIS® Sensitive mouthwash offers a double action thanks to the innovative DENTAID harepair® technology, based on hydroxyapatite and potassium nitrate, which counteract tooth sensitivity. The innovative DENTAID harepair® technology is based on the use of active hydroxyapatite, a natural element of the tooth that makes up 97% of tooth enamel and 70% of dentin. VITIS® Sensitive contains the DENTAID harepair® technology, which restores the surface of the enamel. Active hydroxyapatite settles on the surface, forming a protective layer. Potassium nitrate has a desensitizing effect, which is combined with the effect of active hydroxyapatite. It also provides gum protection thanks to its formula containing provitamin B5 and allantoin, which protect and care for the gums. Thanks to the innovative technology DENTAID harepair®, VITIS® Sensitive offers you the most advanced solution to fight tooth sensitivity as it restores the enamel surface.ACTIONS: Desensitizing action, fights tooth sensitivity Restores and protects the enamel surface by restoring the tooth structure Prevents the formation of caries and remineralizes the enamel Protects and gum care

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