DENTAID set VITIS Gingival - mouthwash 500ml + toothpaste 100ml + toothbrush gift

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Tooth and gum care set - Mouthwash 500ml. + Toothpaste 100ml. + Toothbrush x 1 pc., Dentaid Vitis Gingival is a special offer from Dentaid - Gum Care Program. The set contains 3 products: VITIS gingivalToothbrush Soft toothbrush for sensitive gums - 1 piece of the product. VITIS GingivalToothpaste Toothpaste for maximum daily gum care x100 ml. - 1 piece of the product. VITIS gingival Mouthwash the Ultimate Daily Gum Care Mouthwash for daily use with maximum gum care x500 ml. - 1 piece of the product. VITIS gingivalToothbrush is a wonderful toothbrush, with soft fibers created by special technology - Tynex®, which delicately cleans sensitive and delicate gums. A toothbrush removes plaque and leaves gums and teeth clean. The product has a small rounded head that contributes to easy cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and a special monotip tip for easier removal of stubborn plaque. Ergonomic and flexible brush handle with the possibility of personal adaptation, depending on individual needs. A protective cap has been added to the toothbrush in the packaging. VITIS GingivalToothpaste is a gluten-free toothpaste that reduces bacterial plaque build-up, strengthens enamel, protects and strengthens gums. The product contains sodium fluoride 1450 ppm. The toothpaste is designed for sensitive gums. After using it, the teeth and gums are clean and protected, and the breath is fresh. The product is suitable for adults and children over 7 years of age. VITIS gingival Mouthwash the Ultimate Daily Gum Care is an alcohol- and gluten-free mouthwash that is specially formulated to reduce bacterial plaque build-up and prevent bleeding gums. The product formula contains powerful active ingredients panthenol, cetylpyridinium chloride and zinc lactate. Panthenol reduces inflammation, revitalizes and protects the gums. Cetylpyridinium chloride is an antiseptic that inhibits the formation of bacterial plaque and reduces its accumulation in the oral cavity. It also controls the appearance and development of inflammation of the gums. Zinc Lactate inhibits and reduces gum bleeding, while enhancing the antiseptic action of Cetylpyridinium Chloride. After using the product, the oral cavity is well cleaned and protected.

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