DENTAID toothbrush VITIS Junior for children over 6 years, blister

6.90 lv

The VITIS® junior toothbrush has a small head that allows access to all areas of the child's mouth. Its bristles are soft, made of rounded and textured Tynex® and effectively remove bacterial plaque without damaging tooth enamel or gums. It has a mono-top attack zone to remove even the most resistant bacterial plaque. The narrow neck allows access to the entire oral cavity without causing discomfort to the child. The ergonomic handle of the VITIS® junior toothbrush with non-slip grooves fits perfectly in the hand of children of this age. In addition, there is a hole at the end of the handle through which a ribbon can be tied for a better grip or written with the child's name. The VITIS® junior toothbrush comes with a protective cap to keep the strands grouped together and in optimal hygienic conditions allowing quick drying.

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