DENTAID toothbrush VITIS Baby baby blister

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VITIS Baby Toothbrush is an ideal brush for daily oral hygiene of babies from 0 years. It has ultra-soft, high-quality Tynex® bristles for a gentle cleaning that is gentle on baby's gums and first teeth. The height of the threads is lower to adapt to your mouth. It has a small, round head that allows you to clean all sides of the same tooth at once, making brushing easier. The ergonomic handle with non-slip edges fits an adult's hand for comfortable brushing, and the narrow mouth of the brush allows you to reach the entire oral cavity without disturbing the baby. It also includes a hole to thread a ribbon through in case you need to identify the brush with baby's name or for a better hold. Advantages of using a VITIS baby toothbrush: -Baby toothbrush for babies from 0 years. -Designed for baby's first teeth. -Small rounded head. -Extremely soft and short strands with rounded ends. -Protects teeth and gums. -Ergonomic handle with anti-slip grooves. Who is it for? VITIS Baby Toothbrush is recommended for daily oral hygiene of the baby's gums and first teeth. ***Can be used from 0 years. How to use VITIS Baby Toothbrush can be used every day for proper oral hygiene. Brush your teeth carefully 2 times a day. If it's only done once, it's best before bed and after a bath, as both baby and parents may be exhausted at the end of the day. Accompany the experience with games or music to make it more enjoyable. You can help combine this product with some more from our range of brushes, replacement parts, interdental brushes and more.

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