R.O.C.S. toothpaste Teens Wild Strawberry 74 g

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School-aged children, including teenagers, are characterized by a high incidence of not only caries, but also inflammatory periodontal diseases, which is primarily due to a sharp decrease in parental control and, as a result, poor oral hygiene. At school age, the enamel maturation process continues (up to 18 years), which can be assisted by using toothpastes containing fluoride and xylitol. R.O.C.S. for younger students and teenagers contains the highly effective AMIFLUOR complex - a source of xylitol and aminofluoride, which provides a quick, in just 20 seconds, formation of a highly stable protective layer. The mechanism of the anti-caries effect of fluorides takes place in increasing the resistance of tooth enamel to the dissolving effect of acids. We prefer organofluorine salts because clinical trial data on the anticaries efficacy of aminofluorides demonstrate their higher potential compared to inorganic fluoride salts. The xylitol included in the formula has a high anti-caries effect, due to its effect on the pathogenic microflora of the oral cavity, stabilizes the pH of the saliva and increases the incorporation of calcium into the tooth enamel. Thanks to this, R.O.C.S. Teen toothpaste with the aroma of hot summer strawberry has the following effects: - increases the resistance of young tooth enamel to the action of soluble acids more than 2 times*; -reduces the release of calcium and phosphorus from tooth enamel*; -promotes the intense saturation of the teeth with minerals, accelerating the enamel maturation process*; -protects teeth from cariogenic bacteria thanks to the high content of xylitol*; -provides reliable protection of the gums from inflammation, in terms of the effectiveness of the protection of the gums it is not inferior to toothpastes with an antiseptic*; -performs the function of a prebiotic and normalizes the composition of the microflora of the oral cavity*; -thanks to the soft, low-abrasive formula (RDA = 39) does not damage dental tissues*. *confirmed by laboratory and clinical studies.

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