R.O.C.S. toothpaste Teens Lemon & Cola 74 g

12.05 lv

At school age, the enamel maturation process continues. Useful substances during this period are: fluorine and xylitol. R.O.C.S. for children and adolescents contains a highly effective AMIFLUOR® complex - a source of xylitol and aminofluoride, which provides a rapid (within 20 seconds) formation of a highly protective layer. R.O.C.S. Cola&Lemon toothpaste has the most interesting taste, thanks to which it motivates teenagers to brush their teeth. The taste of Cola is achieved by combining natural flavors of cinnamon and citrus fruits. As a result, R.O.C.S. Teens toothpastes have the following advantages: -double increase in the resistance of young enamel to acids -reduction of calcium and phosphorus losses in the enamel -intensive enrichment of teeth with minerals; acceleration of the enamel maturation process - protection of teeth from cariogenic bacteria due to the high content of xylitol - protection against gingivitis - normalizes the microflora in the oral cavity - low degree of abrasion Packaging: 74g/60ml

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