R.O.C.S. toothbrush PRO Gold Edition blister

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R.O.C.S. Toothbrush PRO Gold Edition Blister A new and exclusive color palette of combinations of golden and black velvet in the design of the bristles, the handle and the blister pack allows everyone to choose a toothbrush that they like best, that reflects their individuality. The specially designed thin curved shape of the handle prevents the application of excess pressure on the gums and ensures comfortable brushing. PRO-SYSTEM FOR SAFETY WHEN BRUSHING TEETH The special triangular cut shape of the fibers forms 3 cleaning edges, increasing the cleaning efficiency of the tooth surfaces. It supports the gentle massage of the gums, thoroughly and gently removes dental plaque and cleans the interdental spaces. ULTRASOFT BRUSH The amount of bristles has been tripled*, which together with the use of the uniquely shaped Trilobal ultra-thin fibers with a unique triangular cut significantly improves the brushing efficiency and provides a gentle massage of the gums. CURVED HANDLE WITH A UNIQUE SHAPE Specially designed thin and curved handle shape prevents excess pressure on the gums and ensures comfortable brushing TRIPLE POLISHED TIPS Unique triple polishing technology on the tip of the bristles ensures safe brushing and excludes any possibility of damage to the hard dental tissues and gums* compared to the classic R.O.C.S. toothbrush

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