R.O.C.S. toothbrush Kids Extra Soft blister

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R.O.C.S.® Kids Magic Toothbrush for children from 3 to 7 years Safe teeth brushing system Developed in collaboration with children's dentists • Soft bristles with unique triple polished tips do not damage children's delicate gums and immature tooth enamel, providing gentle care. • The number of bristles in the bundles has been increased 1.5 times, providing better cleaning of the teeth. • The unique shape of the handle like a magic wand turns brushing teeth into a fun game. Care of the toothbrush: rinse the toothbrush thoroughly with warm running water, hold the toothbrush with the bristles up and do not close it in a case. Attention! - Parents should brush their child's teeth until school age. - The toothbrush is not a toy. Use only as intended. - Do not let your child chew or crush the toothbrush. DENTISTS RECOMMEND CHANGING YOUR TOOTHBRUSH AT LEAST EVERY THREE MONTHS

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