DENTAID mouthwash PERIOAID Intensive Care 0.12% CHX + 0.05% CPC 5 l

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What is Dentaid Perio Aid Intensive Care and what is it used for? It is a biocidal mouthwash that helps keep the mouth free of germs. Thanks to the active components present in the formula (0.12% chlorhexidine and 0.05% cetylpyridinium chloride), it prevents the spread of microbes in the oral cavity, protecting the teeth and gums. Suitable for the treatment of periodontal and peri-implant discomfort. It is also recommended to disinfect the oral cavity before and after any surgical procedure, such as tooth extraction and implant placement. It also does not contain alcohol or ingredients that may cause irritation to the inner lining of the mouth, tongue or other part of the oral cavity. Available in 150 ml packaging. Purpose: Recommended for adults of all ages who need treatment of certain gum diseases or want to prevent their occurrence. Its daily use guarantees a cleaner and healthier mouth. People who are at high risk of tooth decay or when proper brushing cannot be applied can also use Perio Aid Intensive Care Mouthwash to disinfect the oral cavity. Formula suitable for people with celiac disease. How should I use the mouthwash? Rinse with 15 ml of the product for 30 seconds, 2 times a day, after the usual tooth brushing. Contraindications: Perio Aid Intensive Care Mouthwash is a clinically validated product to confirm that it does not cause adverse reactions of any kind, but if signs of allergy occur, use should be discontinued immediately. Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion and stomach upset. It is recommended not to exceed the recommended doses. Do not ingest or use on children or infants. Ingredients: Perio Aid Intensive Care mouthwash contains: 0.12% chlorhexidine digluconate and 0.05% cetylpyridinium chloride. Package 5 l.

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