DENTAID interdental toothbrushes INTERPROX 4G conical 1.3mm, ISO 4; 6 pcs. blister

9.52 lv

Interprox Conical interdental brushes are designed to remove oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) accumulated in 1.3 mm interproximal spaces and are especially recommended for anterior or posterior teeth due to their conical head. Their shape facilitates perpendicular entry into the anterior interproximal spaces by avoids gum damage. The cap can be perfectly attached to the handle to elongate it and even reach the back of the mouth where the pointed head is particularly on display. In addition, thanks to the non-memory flexibility of the handle and neck, the brush can be adapted to each user to maintain perpendicular entry into these areas. The brushes include a non-slip protector to provide better grip and control, achieving precise and convenient cleaning. The dimensions of the head reach an interproximal space of at least 1.3 mm.Package: 6 pcs.

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