DENTAID interdental toothbrushes INTERPROX PLUS 2G Conical 1.3 6 pcs. blister

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VITIS - Cone interprox plus brush The pointed interprox plus brush effectively cleans between the spaces. What is it for? The interdental spaces in the area of ​​the premolars. This is because its angle allows for perpendicular entry, avoiding injury to the gums. With the handle and cheeks can move and avoid discomfort. Advantages: -They clean effectively between spaces. They detect bleeding points. They detect areas with dental plaque. Package 6 pcs. How to use? Use the most appropriate Interprox® size for each space. The brush should be placed loosely so that the bristles, not the wire, are in contact with the teeth. Move the brush from the inside out without rotating it. pro tips Use the most appropriate size for each interproximal space. Replace your toothbrush every 3 months. Composition: Durability: Thanks to the new production process, the highest quality is guaranteed. The new fastening system and design protects the wire and fixes it inside the structure. Flexibility: The brush wire remains loose in the neck of the handle, offering greater adaptation and cleaning of the interproximal spaces. Quality: Strict compliance with ISO 16409 (international standard for interdental brushes). Filaments: Black and white Tynex® for detection of bleeding points and presence of dental biofilm respectively. Protection: The stainless steel wire is coated with polyurethane (a plastic material) to protect mucosal, dental and implant structures. Convenience: For use, they have a protective cap that allows you to conveniently transport the brush for use outside the home; and the blister packaging maintains the order of the brushes and preserves optimal hygienic conditions.

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