Gum electric toothbrush Sonic Daily

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The GUM SONIC DAILY electric toothbrush with ultra-sonic technology cleans more effectively than a manual brush. Its lightweight and wireless design makes it more convenient and portable. This innovative toothbrush vibrates at 12,000 cycles/minute to gently clean your teeth and stimulate your gums. Its soft, pointed bristles are 50% more effective against plaque and penetrate 47 times deeper below the gum line. Benefits -Soft vibrations. -Removes 50% more plaque. -Penetrates 47 times more below the gum line. -Includes 3 colored rings to distinguish the brush in the sink. -AAA battery included. How to use Use the GUM SONIC DAILY toothbrush together with the paste and mouthwash from the GUM ActiVital® line for extra brushing efficiency. Replace the head every 3 months when the threads appear worn or after undergoing an infectious process.

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