Curaprox mouthwash Perio Plus Regenerate CHX 0.09% 200 ml

18.30 lv

Take care of your oral cavity after medical intervention with the help of nature. Curaprox Perio Plus+ Regenerate 0.09 CHX mouthwash contains the exclusive natural CITROX® bioflavonoids extracted from bitter oranges. Together with chlorhexidine, which has been a favorite component of dentists for centuries due to its beneficial effect on the health of teeth and gums, and hyaluronic acid, this effective mixture is suitable not only for the prevention of plaque and caries, but also for care. for the oral cavity before and after surgery. Benefits: promotes the regeneration of the oral cavity after surgery creates a protective layer throughout the oral cavity and thus fights the formation of plaque with a pleasant taste protects against diseases of the oral cavity does not change the taste of food or drinks How to use: Use it as prescribed to your dentist. The recommended duration of use is a maximum of 1 month.

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