Curaprox mouthwash Perio Plus Balance CHX 0.05% mouthwash 200 ml

18.30 lv

Give your teeth extra care. Curaprox Perio Plus+ Balance CHX 0.05 Mouthwash contains concentrated chlorhexidine (CHX), which has been a favorite ingredient of dentists for almost 70 years because it offers great results in oral care. In combination with a natural bioflavonoid from bitter orange, it guarantees a maximum cleaning effect and contributes to the health of teeth, gums and dental caries. You can enjoy the benefits of this mouthwash for up to 6 months. Advantages: helps prevent problems in the mouth Suitable for use for a period of up to 6 months does not change the sense of taste also suitable for people with orthodontic treatment Mode of application: Use it following the instructions of your dentist. The recommended period of use should not exceed 6 months.

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