Curaprox gel Perio Plus Support 75 ml

16.59 lv

Strengthens the action of Curaprox Perio Plus+ mouthwashes. Curaprox Perio Plus+ Support 0.09 CHX Toothpaste excels in its benefits for teeth and gums and will best demonstrate its positive properties if used in conjunction with mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine. This active substance, which has proven its positive properties in the care of the oral cavity for many years, is also contained in the Curaprox Perio Plus+ Support 0.09 CHX toothpaste. In addition, hyaluronic acid guarantees faster regeneration in the mouth. Benefits: protects teeth and gums from the formation of bacterial plaque and other problems in the oral cavity ideal for use with mouthwashes from the Curaprox Perio Plus+ range does not alter the taste of foods consumed after teeth cleaning Mode of application: Use it as prescribed by your a dentist. It is recommended to use for a maximum of 1 month.

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