Curaprox toothbrush CS 5460 Duo Special Edition Hento Toto 2022 2 pcs. blister

23.45 lv

CS 5460 CUREN ® filaments have an unusually dense and effective cleaning surface. Although gentle on gums and teeth, CUREN® bristles are extremely plaque resistant. Anyone who tries a CS toothbrush will never want to miss out on this brushing experience again. Curaprox toothbrushes not only prevent damage when brushing, but also break down and remove plaque perfectly. CUREN bristles are harder than nylon and remain as stable in the mouth as they are when dry. These properties make it possible to produce toothbrushes with a large number of ultrafine fibers. Smooth action thanks to Curen® filaments Effective cleaning thanks to the dense range of Curen® filaments Compact head, slightly inclined. The octagonal handle helps users brush at the right angle. Packaging: 2 pieces/blister

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