New technologies... now for your teeth too!

Нови технологии... вече и за твоите зъби!

Computers are our new generation. We are constantly exploring our phones because they have countless innovative features. In cars, the buttons are similar in number to those in an airplane, and they will soon be able to drive us without our participation...

Everything in our life is modern and technological. Even the toothbrushes! In this case, we are not talking about electric brushes, but about those with ultrasound. This is the newest and best way to ensure perfect health for your smile. The idea of ​​ultrasonic cleaning itself is not new. For years, this technology has been used in jewelry and optics. Watches, dental and surgical instruments, industrial parts are cleaned with ultrasound with a frequency of 20 to 40 kHz. Through high-frequency vibration, the production of an ultrasonic wave is stimulated. It in turn creates thousands of small bubbles that come into contact with the surface, break the dirt into small particles and separate them from it.

Let's clean our teeth not well, but simply superbly! This is the mission that the innovative ultrasonic toothbrush VITIS Sonic successfully fulfills. It releases high-frequency acoustic vibrations that reach the bristles of the brush at a speed of up to 40,000 movements per minute. Thus, the accumulated bacterial plaque on the enamel has no chance to remain on it and subsequently cause unwanted more serious problems, periodontal diseases or halitosis. The biggest advantage of the brush is precisely that it reaches the hard-to-reach places around the gum and the interdental space - the problem areas that dentists most often warn patients about.

Who is this ultrasound technology suitable for? It would certainly be most useful and effective for people with excessive plaque build-up, gum problems, orthodontic braces or implants, and generally those patients who find it difficult to clean their teeth with a mechanical brush .

Perfectionism in the details. Better cleaning of interdental spaces with VITIS Sonic is due to the combination of ultrasonic technology with an innovative design of the brush head. In addition, high-quality rounded "Tynex" fibers are used, which manage to effectively clean the tooth surface, but at the same time protect the soft tissues of the oral cavity. To make brushing your teeth as easy as possible, the brush has a built-in timer and it turns off after two minutes of work - the time recommended by dentists for cleaning. In addition, every 30 seconds it indicates that we can move to the next zone, so as not to miss any part of the oral cavity or to dwell more in one part at the expense of another.

Yes, it's a fact that new technologies spoil and very soon after buying a VITIS Sonic we won't want to go back to a mechanical brush, not only because brushing our teeth is easier, but also because we won't want to part with the feeling for perfect cleanliness in your mouth. We can get it easily through the online store Superior cleaning and healthy teeth are just one click away.